Top Fitness Trends of 2016

What was thought to be just a phase or fad in modern culture has now been predicted to be the means and motivation for people to stay in shape, and that’s wearable technology. Fitbits, Jawbones, and smart watches have really hit the market in a big way and perhaps that’s what is going to help get many Americans off the couch and into the gym or on the jogging path. The American College of Sports Medicine believes that since people are so interested in gadgets and anything to do with technology, that it only makes sense that fitness would find a way to be involved in that too.

Not only are fitness trackers easy to use, but they also keep us connected to our mobile devices which is something that the average American has a hard time letting go of for a couple of hours. In addition to that, it’s a great motivator and shows a person’s progress throughout the day to keep them aware of how much they have done or not done. Wearable technology devices often keep track of steps, miles, and calories burned on a day to day basis so it’s impossible to not know where you stand. As far as convenience, it’s also just about the best way to not feel the pressure of having to be somewhere each day like at a class or yoga session. Instead, people can look at their device and decide to take a fast ten minute stroll out the door or during a lunch break to keep up with their health goals. It can even come in as a handy tool for those who are aspiring to build a business as an online trainer or coach on websites like, because many new clients are turning to the internet and technology as a way to connect and relate fitness aspirations.

The American College of Sports Medicine also points out that wearable technology such as a Fitbit has also become somewhat of a status symbol. When people see others that have that fitness tracker on their wrist, in a way it functions kind of like peer pressure for them to get one too. And this isn’t always a bad thing, because there is a wide range of affordable devices that do encourage people to take that step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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