The Impact of YouTube on the Fitness Community

The fitness world has seen many trends over the years, but many have faded due to their inability to remain relevant through market changes. For years fitness moguls have aligned with supplement companies and fitness brands in order to grow their own brand to eventually become a household name. Before the era of YouTube, many would hit the pavement in order to find sponsors to allow them to follow their dreams an earn a Pro Card.

fitness instagram

The modern day athlete now takes their talents to Social Media and displays their knowledge, hard work and personality in order to attract potential sponsors as well as clients.

That’s right, Clients!

Many of these fitness moguls have recognized a gap in the market and have turned their years of understanding diet/exercise and turned into an online business i.e. online coaching. These newly crowned entrepreneurs have not stopped there as many have gone on to grow their brands and even turned them into apparel lines i.e. Bradley Martyn, Steph & Justin Lovato, Ryan Terry, Calum Von Moger, Steve and many others!

Many attribute their growth and success to social media, but things are about to change!

I am sure many of us have already jumped on board, but YOUTUBE has officially taken off and is greatly growing and turning your average fitness goer into Internet Sensations. (Queue in a Nice Intro seen by Casey Neistat).

The YouTube Impact

christianguzmanHave you seen that guy walking down the street recording himself and talking to it? Well he’s most likely putting together a YouTube video or Vlogging. Many of us have always wondered what it took to be a competitor and what kind of crazy crash diets they must go through in order to step on stage looking that good. Vlogging has helped answer a lot of those questions and even further connected fans to their favorite Instagram personalities as well as introducing them into new ones along the way.

I personally became hooked after watching several Christian Guzman videos. His channel was about his fitness journey as well as his gym and apparel brand. You instantly become a fan as his hustle and passion is evident from his day in and day out grind.

So wheres the connection?

Christian took his love for fitness and recognized the opportunity to grow his name and brand by creating a series that focused on his preparation for a contest. Along the way his entreprenuaril juices said, “Hey wait a minute, people seem to really enjoy this” and capitalized by opening a gym as well as a fitness apparal line called Alphalete. While I have no doubt Christian would still have the success he has today, YouTube was a major propeller and allowed him to connect to fans and more importantly clients all over the world.

Fitness Youtubers Connect with Fans

Most recently one of Christian’s good friends Javon Alvin recognized that the short lived connection between fans at expo’s needed a makeover. Javon went on to hold the YouTubers Retreat which was summarized as:

An exciting vacation event created to connect Youtubers, celebrities and their followers through destination retreats. The Youtubers Retreat Los Angeles is the first of an event series poised to reach all corners of the globe. This first event of the series is located in prestigious Hollywood,CA and sure to be a hit! Some of the Youtubers included Heidi Somers & Joshua Garcia, Christian Guzman, Emily Hayden, Maxx Chewning & Amanda Bucci

While many of us know Javon for being the master mind behind the camera and editing for Alphalete and Christian, his foresight to see that fans feel like we know these individuals that their still lied a huge gap in interaction between Youtubers/Social Media Stars and Fans. Much like our team at Guide My Body, Javon believes in bridging the virtual world with the real world. While many of us enjoy the day to day or “vlogging” of these Youtubers, many still long to work closer with them and pick their brains based on their expertise.

The Future of YouTube and Fitness

The future couldn’t be brighter as many of us have adopted watching vloggers in place of watching reality tv shows. Right now around the world, people across the country wake up or end their day watching Fitness Youtubers go about their day as well as give them intel on how to better themselves as well their business/personal lives.

The next BIG STEP is we will most likely see more events like the YouTubers Retreat as well as tours like we have seen FouseyTube do with Roman Atwood. These tours will allow these Fitness Celebs to better interact with fans as well as present new opportunities for fitness companies to present their products and brands in front of consumers.

And Even bigger Step will be to get all these Youtubers on Guide My Body enabling YOU the FANS and Clients to be able to book online coachin sessions with these fitness celebs as well as grow a working relationship so they can help you reach your own personal goals.

More to Come!

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