Our CEO’s 3 Month Journey Working with an Online Fitness Coach

By December 23, 2015Online Coaching

Hello Everybody this is Guide My Body’s CEO Anthony Fernandez. I want to bring along for a 3 month journey where I plan on sharing and dare say expose exactly what its like to work with an online trainer/coach.

Many of Have Our Doubts about Working with an Online Coach

Got a few doubts or concerns with working with an Online Coach? Hey, your not the 1st or last, but I’m here to see if a “Real Person” i.e. not a model who stuck their gut out so it can appear they lost weight and someone living a busy life that looks to make a lifestyle change based on the guidance of my online coach.

Day 1 – Episode #1 of our 3 month Online Coach Weight Loss Journey

The Process Of Finding an Online Coach and Hiring Them

As many of you have found there are online coaches everywhere you turn especially on social media (hello instagram). So finding a coach can be difficult as your torn based on what they market and share. As someone who has worked closely with online coaches, I took someone time to chat with all the Coaches on Guide My Body and found one that aligned with my vision and someone who has experienced similar dietary/lifestyle struggles.

Initial Meeting with My Coach

Video Sessions in Guide My Body

Video Sessions in Guide My Body

After finding my ideal coach, we schedule our 1st meeting where we went over my lifestyle i.e. how my day to day diet and overall activity level is. Before working with the online coach I would:

  • Workout 3-5 days a week
  • Weight train
  • Play Tennis 1-2 times a week
  • Eat a semi balanced diet (but love sweets!)

After our initial meeting, he followed up with a detailed questionnaire to further get an understanding of how my body has responded to my current diet i.e.

  1. Do I get bloated with certain foods ?
  2. Do I have any food allergies?
  3. What supplements am I taking?

And so on. After speaking with him about these questions, they essentially help with personalizing the diet plan, supplement plan and based on my goal my training program.

What to expect from our 3 Month Journey

I’ll be giving you guys a REAL look in as to how it is to have a coach work with you remotely and how if the process can really work based on what I put in as well as based on the knowledge and ability of the coach.

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