How to Get Your Waistline Down at Work

By February 18, 2016Fitness Trends

As we kickoff the new year of 2016, many people have losing weight on their minds. The problem is that with juggling a full work schedule, family life, and other personal errands it can be pretty tough to find the time for working on your fitness as much as you’d like. Especially if you have just started a new job, a recent survey shows that almost 60% of people gain 10 pounds within the first new months of working. Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak has come up with a few things that you can do while at work to help trim down that waist line, so that you can get fit while being productive with life’s activities too.

Be Proactive

Most people have long day jobs that last anywhere from eight to ten hours a day on average, and by getting up every hour for at least five minutes you can help keep those pounds off. Need to run an errand on a different floor? Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also park further away than you need to just to force yourself to get those steps at the start and at the end of your day, too. In addition to that, during a lunch break go for a brisk walk for at least ten minutes instead of sitting down the whole time at a different table away from your desk.

Be Comfortable Enough To Politely Decline

Many jobs include lots of office parties, social events, and happy hours after a long day on the job. The best way to combat gaining those extra pounds is to deny yourself all those extra calories that come with those events. This doesn’t necessarily mean to not go out and be social, but learn to say no to that extra piece of cake or beer despite what everyone else is doing. A good way to avoid being sucked into this scenario is to make sure that you’re never hungry. Bring a healthy lunch to work even if they are all going out to that new carb-filled restaurant, and keep a few snacks in your car or desk too. This will help fight off those temptations and make it easier to say “no thank you”.

How to Get Your Waistline Down at Work

Exercise Options

Many companies have shifted to encourage healthy lifestyles, and sometimes they can include a discount at a gym membership or even have a gym on the premises. Ask around the office what others do for fitness and if there are any special perks that come with the job like that. It’s always worth a shot, and never hurts to ask.

Manage Your Appetite

Each day make sure that you are prepared with at least three balanced meals that include plenty of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Doing something even as small of this will help to curb your cravings for other things and your tastebuds will learn to like what you give them eventually. Always avoid skipping meals, because that can lead to binge eating later or caving to taking part in all of the excess foods and partying that might be going on around you. Sleep is an important factor too, because a lack of it can make your leptin hormone sink and this leads to being hungry as well. In addition to that, try to stay away from caffeine, as hard as it might be. Coffee makes lots of people hungry and it can keep you awake at night if you drink it too late in the afternoon, which affects how much sleep can be had that night.

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