How to Get Healthier with Modern Technology

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When it comes to fitness trackers, the household brand that everyone seems to know is FitBit. Since FitBit devices have started being produced, many other companies got on board to create their own similar wearable technology to help people stay motivated when working out while staying connected to their friends and progress. As of January 2016, FitBit has many different styles that is able to accommodate everyone’s busy lifestyles. There are simple ones like the FitBit Zip that looks something like a traditional pedometer, but tracks your steps, miles, calories and the time. More advanced versions like the FitBit Charge are meant to be worn on the wrist and can dual-function as a wristwatch while being able to track all of the aforementioned plus your flights of stairs and sleep patterns. Their simplicity is extremely appealing and this is no doubt the reason why they have been such a huge fad in almost every age group.

Healthier with Modern TechnologyThe best part is how convenient it is to update and check up on your progress with a FitBit. After the tracker is purchased, the user downloads the free app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. All that’s needed to be done to sync it up is to enable bluetooth on a phone, iPod, or tablet to get the most current stats and it will even work in live time if the device is left with the bluetooth turned on. With FitBit, it’s easy to connect with friends as well and functions as it’s own social media platform in a way. It can be linked to Facebook to see which friends are also using the tracker, and daily goals and weekly challenges can be established to make it a fun and competitive experience.

Many regular users on the website find that the FitBit brand is one of the best wearable technology brands on the market, as it easily fits in with their personal training schedule as both a client and a trainer. In addition to that, GuideMyBody also works with a mobile app that makes it easy for people to run their fitness business and for clients to find coaches to help them with their goals. One of the biggest benefits for using a platform like GuideMyBody’s app is that video sessions and virtual communication can happen around the clock, even if it’s just to compare notes over the week’s FitBit stats!

The year 2016 is going to be exciting for the wearable technology industry, as it is a fad that seems to only be getting stronger as opposed to fading out. Not only is it fun and fashionable, but it is slowly helping the planet melt away those extra pounds that we can no longer ignore thanks to FitBit.

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