Transforming How We Find and Hire A Coach

For years we opened the doors of a gym and asked the front desk staff to point us to the right trainer or to someone who can assist with nutrition, exercise tips, injury recovery, proper stretching and much more.

Guide My Body now brings these Fitness Coaches to the comfort of your home with online sessions that enable you to connect local coaches as well as coaches all around the world.

No matter the fitness activity, we have a coach waiting to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Our robust directory lets you find a coach by location, specialty, goal, gender, social media handle and more!

Using Our Robust Directory to Find Your Ideal Coach

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With Thousands of Coaches around the world, our directory enables you to find either a Local Coach or Online Coach that can Guide you on Fitness Journey.

With our powerful directory you can find a coach or fitness expert based on your goals, location, Social Media handle, Gender and more!

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Whether you are looking to connect with a Local Coach or find your favorite Instagram Online Coach, we have you covered.

With Guide My Body, you can reach an array of Coaches from Trainers, Nutritionist, Competition Prep, Weight Loss Experts, Yoga Instructors, Aerobic Instructors, Exercise Therapist and much more!

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After finding your ideal coach, you can easily click on the coaches availability and schedule an initial or follow up session.

Whether your traveling or wanting to find a new coach in your local area, are system enables you to find an experienced fitness expert to help you on your journey.

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