My Coach has sent me an invite through Guide My Body. What do I do next?

Once your coach has invited you to the platform, you will receive an email notification inviting you to join his or her network. Follow the link in the email, and set your Guide My Body password. For future logins, you will use the email address this invite was sent to and the password you have created. After setting your password, you will be greeted by a set up guide.

There are four steps you must complete before your account can be created:

  1. Personal: Basic information including address, phone number, gender, and DOB
  2. Install Vidyo Plugin: We ask that everyone download the video plugin at this time, but the video plugin isn’t required to have a session. You can have a session without the plugin if both session participants are in modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, or Opera). We still highly suggest everyone download the plugin as well so you can have both video options available to you during the session.
  3. Billing: If your provider has billing turned on, then you must enter a valid credit card before participating in a session. You can update this card in My Network> My Payment Information> Credit Card Information
  4. Emergency Contact: We also ask that you enter one emergency contact in case of an Emergency.
Now that you registered, your coach can schedule sessions with you. To view your coaches profile, go to your “Coaches List” under your profile picture. From there, you can message your coach or view his or her available time. To continue adding to your profile, go to My Network> My Account.

I'm New to Guide My Body, How Much Does It Cost To Find A Coach?

Its absolutely FREE for you to search and find your ideal coach. Once you have found a coach of your liking, you simply schedule a session with the desired coach and pay only after a successful session has been completed.

Is my data safe and secure?

We employ security protocols like auto time-outs, password requirements, and redundancy measures for data backup. Our company also maintains comprehensive security policies and procedures that help keep your information secure.