7 Reasons Why Trainers Should Use A Business Management Software

As trainers, many of you wake up excited about helping your clients get closer to reaching their fitness goals. One part of the job many trainers dread is the old fashioned pen and paper tracking of your clients progress and having to track down late paying clients.

This is only the beginning of the some of the gripes and concerns of trainers. Below we uncover some of the common concerns of trainers and how a personal trainer business management software can solve and address them for you.

Current Concerns of Trainers

As much as you love presenting your client the progress they have made with your training, the paper work to keep track of it all takes away from focusing 100% of your time on your client… and finding a place for it all seems to be never ending. Not to mention, clients rarely keep those documents you send them home with showing their progress.

Endless Paper Work

Trainer PaperworkOur team at Guide My Body recognized the pen and paper method of logging clients progress and taking notes the old fashioned way just wasn’t efficient anymore for fitness trainers. Many of you are on the go and prefer to just make notes on your phone.

Reduce Paper Work
Our software allows you to take notes in your clients profile, allow you to leave your notebooks at home and making it easier to manage and update clients.

The best part? Your clients can login to Guide My Body at ANYTIME and review the documents and notes you have shared with them.

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Client Turnover

Personal Trainer Client Turnover and RetentionThere is nothing harder in any business than having to deal with turnover. As much as you follow up and communicate with clients, many times their lives lead them away from the gym. Many times you can prevent that client from straying off by always presenting your availability or scheduling their future sessions so they are committed early.

Some trainers have taken the approach that if they don’t jump on their schedule early, they will fill that spot with others. So with this business approach in mind its important to be easily accessible when a new client is ready to begin working with you or wants to schedule a session.

Improving Client Retention

With Guide My Body you can easily present your availability to your clients as well as to new interested potential clients.

The real value add is with current clients as you have the ability to log notes inside of their client profile which we highly recommend you refer back to and share with your client as it will remind them just how far they have come since working with you.

Building Value

Building value is incredibly important as many see personal training as a luxury, so reinforcing that they NEED your service is critical. There are subtle ways like sharing their progress and reminding them just how far they have come to just “quit” or “put it off.” Furthermore, you can streamline all your communication with your active clients through Guide My Body, leaving you to just rely on 1 tool to run your fitness business.

What about prospects?
Guide My Body even helps streamline your new client process by allowing you to vet or pre-qualify a lead.

Pre-qualify a lead before they can Schedule a Session

We have you covered on Guide My Body as you must accept them in your network before the proposed scheduled session is finalized. Also you have the ability to communicate on our platform with the potential lead before you decide to have your initial session. This prevents you from having to release any personal information including cell or business number as well as your personal or business email.

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Lack of Clientele

Lack of ClienteleSo often personal trainers and coaches are relying on walk-ins at their facility or word of mouth to get the word out of their services. Not to mention, they are competing with others in that same facility for the same services leaving them with only a few clients. This can definitely make it hard for trainers to make ends meet. (this is often why many trainers have a 2nd or 3rd job).

Growing Your Clientele
As you probably have found there is really not one universal place to find or locate a local trainer. Now with Guide My Body, our online directory will present your services and specialties and allow any local potential clients to connect with you and schedule an upcoming session. This will not only grow your client base, but also streamline the process as to how leads contact you and potentially become clients.

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Trouble Marketing in Local Area and Outside of Local Area

personal trainer local and online marketingMany trainers have come to learn that marketing may be the hardest part of running your fitness business. Some of you have mastered the social media aspect, but capturing your local market can be tough especially as there is a lot of “noise” or competitors in the area with ads and marketing material everywhere you turn.

So How Can we Stand out Among other Trainers?

A good percentage of trainers have turned to websites to stand out and assist with being found locally. While a great website can help turn a prospect into a client especially as they google “Local+area+personal+trainer”, the biggest hurdle is the on-going cost of a website. Many trainers look to keep their cost low and maintain a low overhead, but with a website you have to pay for hosting, the domain, any on-going changes/updates as well as SEO services to keep it ranking in Google with other competitors.

How Can Guide My body help?

We have developed an online directory that will allow your local market to find you based on location as well as by specialty, rate and several other filters. For online coaches, we have you covered as well as our directory will connect you with clients around the country and our software even comes stock with interactive video session capabilities.

We want to make sure that a trainer leaves no stone unturned from their local market to their online market. We recognize that their TIME IS MONEY so we have done everything to make sure to they can maximize their time by utilizing our software as well as marketing their AVAILABILITY on the online directory.

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Late Paying Clients

How Personal Trainers Can Handle Late Paying ClientsThere is almost nothing worse than having to confront a client to let them know their payment is late. Beyond marketing its one of the hardest parts of running a business as you can quickly lose a client based on how you approach the conversation.

Some trainers have avoided this by billing clients in advance for a “block” of sessions, but studies show that with the economy still struggling people are more apt to hold onto their money and only pay per session. (This is commonly why many only pay month to month at a gym as well)

So how do you ensure that a client will pay on time?
You can collect payment at the start of the session, but there will be times a client “forgot” their cash or credit card so your left having to remember to bill them next time.

With Guide My Body, their billing details are saved in the system and anytime you have a session you can bill the client either before or after a session.

The best part? With our billing system you can now ACCURATELY BILL FOR YOUR TIME. That’s right! For those cases where you scheduled a 30 minute session and it went 1 hour, you can now adjust the session fee according to your hourly session rate. We recommend discussing it with our client, but with your time being money, its important you account for any overtime with clients especially if it was on their account. (See example Below)

Bill A Client

Get Started With Our Business Management Software

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