2016 Fitness Trends: Barre Workouts Becoming Hot Again

By January 25, 2016Fitness Trends

Barre workouts may have seemed like a thing of the past, but lately it seems as if they are cycling back into being a fitness trend again. One of the challenges of running a gym or a fitness center is staying up to date with the current workout fads, so as soon as barre workouts started becoming hot again they were immediately incorporated into the Beverly Hills fitness center run by Kelsey Patel, Pure Barre. Patel made a statement that while this decade-old fad is popular many places around the country, they had to come up with a platform that was new, original and engaging with their clients who rely on them to make their exercise classes worth their while.

At Pure Barre, they’ve modified the workout by adding new variances to the barre workout that include more strength and cardiovascular training, and that each class is unique and fun in its own way. This type of exercise is ideal for boosting a person’s metabolism, and when some athletic drills are added into the routine it because a extremely efficient and satisfying way to get one’s sweat on. Creator of “The Booty Barre” Tracey Mallet developed her own barre program with new additions that is becoming so popular that they’ve had to add it to many locations’ class lit and hope to expand it further over time. It all starts out with a light yoga warm up and then moves into intervals of muscle building using the barre, and there is no doubt that this trend is going to go anywhere anytime soon.

Even if someone can’t make it to the gym, the fitness coaches who are using barre workouts with their clients claim that there are many benefits to this type of exercise. Someone can work on the moves at home too, using the back of a couch or table in place of the actual barre equipment.

Before we know it, barre workouts are going to be even more popular than Pilates, yoga, and exercise boot camps all together. They are a great way to incorporate a little bit of everything in the time frame of a workout without taking all those extra hours in the day to hit those individual muscle groups.

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