Introducing the 1st Business Management Software For the Fitness Community

See how Guide My Body simplifies and unifies your business with one application


Introducing the 1st Business Management Software For the Fitness Community

See how Guide My Body simplifies and unifies your business with one application


Managing Your Fitness Business Just Got Easier

All the Features You Need to Run Your Business

See how Guide My Body simplifies and unifies your business with one application.


Scheduling feature which allows you to manage your availability, view your upcoming & pending appointments.

File Management

A comprehensive virtual file on all of your clients, allowing you to manage documents, forms, and notes.


Set your own rates, bill, directly deposit funds, and view receipts, creating a simple & secure billing solution for your business.

Public Profile

Create your own public profile with a unique URL which will draw new clients via our robust directory.

Video Sessions

Dual video session/conferencing experience, incorporating the most cutting edge video conferencing technology.

Lead Generation

Our directory will connect coaches to NEW potential clients that are looking to hire a local coach or online trainer.


Convenient note-taking feature where you can mark observations during each session you have with a client.

Track Payments

Account for overages on sessions and Review payments & cumulative revenue generated through the Guide My Body.

Manage Your Business From One Software

Our Business Management Software is perfect for an array of Coaches including:

Still Managing your Coaching Business with Pen & Paper?

Feel like it’s a necessary evil for running your business? Or is it?!


I use to rely on my 4 different tools to manage my personal training business. Now I can rely on Guide My Body to manage it all. It easily saves me an additional 15 hours of paperwork a week. I can now easily connect, follow up, bill and schedule a follow up session with clients all in one platform

Robert S.

I turned to Guide My Body when I realized that I found myself drained in paperwork and old fashioned methods of tracking my clients progress. With the software I can build value by constantly showing them their growth and enabling them to schedule their next session online.

Ramel F.

View Our Full List Of Coaches Start Your 30 Day FREE Trial

Generate More Qualified Leads

We Also Drive Business With our Online Directory Connecting You to Potential Clients Locally and Around the World

How It Works

Search Our Directory

Our powerful directory you can find a fitness expert based on your goals or based on location.

Find A Local or Online Coach

Connect with a Local Coach or find your favorite Instagram Online Coach.

Schedule A Session Online

You can easily click on the coaches availability and schedule an initial or follow up session.

Request A Demo

Build Value With Reports

Keep a record of the progress your clients are making with your coaching.

They can now easily log in to Guide My Body and view just how much a value it has been to use your services.

Grow Your Customer Base

Our Powerful Directory will connect you with clients and allow you to meet with clients from across the world.

Increase access to your services and see clients anytime, anywhere

See Clients Anytime, Anywhere

Our dual video session/conferencing feature allows you to meet with clients no matter where you are.

The conferencing experience also includes note-taking capabilities, as well as interactive document sharing.

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